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A career information session geared towards providing valuable insights to prospects about the accredited degree programmes offered at Vector Technology. Hear from industry leaders, graduates and lecturers on:
- Vector Tech's association with the IT Industry and global IT Certification bodies.
- Why Vector Tech has been recognized as the premier institution for the development of IT professionals with programmes developed by IT experts.
- How Vector graduates transition into viable and life-changing careers.
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VMBS Future Plan Scholarship

This scholarship is for students who will be starting tertiary education in the year of application at a local tertiary institution. The scholarship has a maximum 4-year tenure and is awarded to 3 students. Each scholarship has a ceiling of four hundred and fifty thousand ($450,000.00) dollars, which is awarded each year. All applicants must have an active VMBS account.

VMBS Future Plan Scholarship

STEM Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded to a student who will be starting tertiary education in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM). One applicant will be awarded each year for a maximum of four (4) years, a scholarship valued at four hundred and fifty thousand ($450,000.00) dollars. All applicants must have an active VMBS account.

Jamaica Energy Partners

The scholarships and grants are valued at J$250,000.00 and J$180,000.00, respectively, each per school year, payable per semester, covering tuition, books and material. The duration of the scholarship is 1 year and is available for part time and full time students pursuing degree and diploma programmes. Application deadline is August 11 2023


The scholarship is valued up to $350,000 per academic year and is applicable to only clients/ children of clients. The scholarship is renewable annually for a maximum of 4 years and Valid for the academic year immediately following the offer of the award and cannot be deferred for any reason.

Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission

The BGLC Tertiary Education Grant provides assistance with tuition fees for full-time undergraduate students enrolled to attend an accredited tertiary Institution in Jamaica. Deadline is Friday, July 14, 2023


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